The organization must maintain the specific requirements in order to get the current version of the ISO 9001:2015. You will find several changes in the ISO standards overtime.

Let us know what these changes are:

  • New ISO structure has been adapted in order to align it with other standards like ISO 45001 and ISO 14001
  • The relationship between the quality management system and organizations is enhanced and enlarged
  • Promotion of a process approach in ISO 9001:2015, to produce the required standards after the quality outcome.
  • The top most focus is on the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Throughout the standard the terminology is pretty much straight forward
  • The quality performance of the company’s strategic planning is also presented and checked
  • More emphasis on the top level management system in order to get the ownership of the QMS.
  • There are less prescriptive requirements when we compare newer ISO certification with the previous versions

Cost of the certification

The requirements include the 10 clauses or sections that are supported by the sub clauses. These requirements should be applied to the QMS (Quality Management System).  The cost actually depends upon the size and the complexity of your QMS.

The cost can be divided into three parts:

  • One is hiring the registrar that is important for the performance of audit. The registrar charge you depending upon the time and efforts spent on the organization.
  • The second is the internal cost that is required for the employees and their services.
  • The outside help is sometimes required that is the fees of the consultant and the purchasing of the tools in order to help you with the project.

Travelling costs are also included along with the administrative fees.

Here is a surprise for you!

You can cut down all these costs if you get ISO certification online.

Yes, you can get the whole procedure done online without having to pay for the things that you would be paying when the person will be visiting you.

You will only be paying for the certification and not for the travelling costs and other extra expenses. You should be considering ISOONLINE in order to get ISO certification for your business.

What are the benefits you are going to get when you will get ISO certification for your business? Let us have a look on a few, here you go:

  • It is compatible with all the other ISO standards
  • It is monitored, measured and will get consistent outcomes
  • There is less wastage with ISO certification
  • You will get increased profit, productivity and efficiency when you will get ISO certification for your business
  • You will find better internal management
  • You will see that there is an improved customer acquisition and retention
  • It is suitable for both large and small organizations
  • It is a globally recognized standard which means that your company will be recognized worldwide

So, these are a few benefits which you will be able to get when you will get ISO certification for your business. CLICK HERE for more information.